Do you know, how dream come true… Can you say, how the vision of an individual turns into social movement, have you ever imagined, which are the qualities we should have to connect ourselves to a great soul like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

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Have you ever wondered about space and the millions of twinkling stars that smile your way? Have you ever dreamt about robots so small that they can swim inside your blood? Have you ever experienced the rush of passion when you look at the race car? Every one of us has such desires to achieve something unique in life but in practicality you face lots of hindrances and financial helplessness is the biggest of them. We have come a long way from 1947 to 2017, a span of seven decades. 14 Prime Ministers and 12 Five year plans our country has seen. But still we are far behind of American and European countries in GER in Higher Education. Every year twelve years of hard work and dedication of thousands of students go in vain in the absence of proper guidance, support and infrastructure in our country.

You will be surprised to know this fact that access to education beyond higher secondary schooling is a mere 10% among the university-age population in India. If we want to emerge as the World Leader we will have to get rid of this situation. In the light of above facts what should we do? Don'nt you think this is the time when we need a vision with a big canvas? Simply this is what Rosemine is trying to do since more than a decade. We are making tireless efforts to give under privileged students a chance to grab their future and shine brighter like never before.

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So, If you have completed your 10th or 12th, what are you waiting for? Come and be a part of Rosemine family. A man has no say in the circumstances surrounding his birth or the obligations that he inherits, but these certainly cannot in any case form a basis of denying him a chance to grow. The responsibilities should not be a deterrent in his quest for a better future, otherwise, it will strongly object to the principles of natural justice. We, at Rosemine, believe the technical education as a whole should be made available absolutely free of cost to everyone. In the abject need of the hour and the lack luster response from the concerned authorities, we have endeavored to take the responsibility to do so. The modern educational system has taken a very narrow approach towards judgment of a childarn's abilities. From the age of gurukul and madarsas where a qualified teacher dwelt on the subject of holistic development of students, we have come to a state wherein we judge a child solely on the basis of merely a report card. We forget that a student is not a group of numbers against a column but much more, an entity, who has a potential to shine in a different like. Not all of us can grow up to be Einstin or Sachin or Lata but that does not mean we should not be allowed to grow at all. An exam, doesn't mateer how extensive it is, cannot label your strengths and weaknesses. So, Use what talents you posses; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.

We firmly believe that you cannot deny a chance to build your dreams simply on the basis of mistakes until now. All the premium colleges decide the acceptability of their students on the basis of few exam results; it doesn't mean that they have any right to undermine your potential. We firmly believe that with a fair chance and good guidance you have the ability to shine brighter and conquer the world. As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says, Small Aim is a Crime, we want to say, Dream Big and grab the future that really belongs to you, Rosemine is with you with all its commitment. God Bless.

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