Do you know, how dream come true… Can you say, how the vision of an individual turns into social movement, have you ever imagined, which are the qualities we should have to connect ourselves to a great soul like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

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Greetings from the Rosemine Educational and Charitable Trust, Bihar/Andaman and Nicobar.

It is our pleasure to introduce Rosemine Educational and Charitable Trust owned by educated and highly experienced professionals in the field of higher technical and professional education. The Trust has been operational since 2007 to provide welfare to the genuine meritorious and needy students on one hand, and providing Educational Services. The Trust commits to function in the most organized, ethical, and transparent manner.

With Trust's “Mission Sankalp,” we have achieved our aim to facilitate scholarship-based admissions of over 24,000 students since 2015. We are pleased to announce that we are coming up with the Rosemine Team in Punjab for the session 2023-24 to cater to students from all over the country, with a target of over 10,000 admissions in the single academic year. Our complete team is expanded on the same line, and experts from different corners of the country are associated with the Trust. We are moving to elevate the MISSION ADMISSION 2023 to support institutions providing quality education with a competitive advantage in the educational arena.

Under the charismatic leadership of Rosemine Chairman Awais Amber, the Trust is determined to achieve the target of over 10,000 admissions in Engineering, Paramedical, Law, Agriculture, and Allied Courses for the session of 2023-24.

It is pertinent to mention here that our Chairman Mr. Awais Amber has been raising his voice clearly and loudly against the lobby of Private Universities, and he is determined to continue his fight with similar conviction in the future as well.

As the National Education Policy (NEP) 2021 has been announced by the Govt. of India, that makes the vision of the Govt. of India ample clear to have colleges with 3000+ enrollments in a single college, which is a marathon task for stand-alone colleges. Further, annual switch and credit transfer like issues will jeopardize the financial health of the self-financed institutions under the ambit of State Govt. Universities.

Further, more enrollments are a step closer to fall in NIRF Institutions, NAAC and NBA Accreditation.


It is a well-known fact that colleges and universities individually cannot meet out the requirements of heavy budgets for promotions and admissions. As a result, even genuinely good institutions are not able to get students as per their sanctioned intake, consequently facing threats like NPAs, closure of the institutes, and exploitation in the hands of consultants, etc. On the other hand, the aspiring genuine students become a victim of misguidance by the agents/consultants due to their vested interests.

Rosemine Education and Charitable Trust has planned to organize this domain in the larger interest of standalone institutions and the aspiring students. We are a resourceful team with a deep understanding of the issues & challenges of both the stakeholders.

We are already a platform for 100 institutions with a target of 150 admissions in every institution in various courses like Engineering, Management, Diploma, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical, Para-Medical, etc. and our main aim is to help over 10,000 students under the “SANKALP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM” for the session of 2023-24.

We are moving to elevate the MISSION ADMISSION 2023 to support institutions providing quality education with a competitive advantage in the educational arena.

We will take accurate responsibility with full enthusiasm and concern. We will always acknowledge your steps towards maintaining healthy counseling and admission for your institution.

We are glad to inform you that Rosemine Educational & Charitable Trust is providing all the facilities to you under a single roof and expertise in admissions from all parts of the country (India) with a special focus on

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